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S max 2.0 tdci randomly cutting out

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Hello everyone. I have a problem were my 2007 s max 2.0 tdci is randomly cutting out. I have scanned the forums and am no further forward hence the post. 

There doesn’t seem to be a particular pattern or type of situation it happens in. The car has “stalled” at 70 on dual carriageway and has done it at low speed and revs as well. The car will sometimes go for a long distance drive with no issue and other will cut out a few times in the space of a few miles. 

When this initially happened I had computer read which stated An egr valve min max stop performance fault. As such I have had a new egr fitted and also had a new fuel filter fitted as that was a common theme. 

When the car stalls sometimes it can be restarted by dipping clutch and switching ignition on and off whilst in motion. Other times the ignition will just turn over and it needs to come to a stop and have a few goes at turning over before starting again. The car has done 116000 miles but is in otherwise good nick. Obviously the lady of the house is not amused with the cars behaviour but I don’t want to buy a new one particularly after paying for new egr. When it broke down after egr replacement did another computer read and no codes were showing. 

When the car cuts out we get a yellow fuel pump warning light and the yellow stability light as well. 

Any advice or suggestions gratefully accepted


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