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How to install rear license plate?


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Stupid question... Dealership installed the front bracket, I refused to have them install the rear one as it required to drill through the trunk.


What do I need to get this working without having to damage a brand new car?




Just realized, wrong thread, should be the fusion, not the focus, sorry!

rear plate.jpg

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2 minutes ago, eddie eastwood said:

You could use double sided tape, get one of the good brands 3m, Gorilla or T-REX

Yup, that will definitely work, I was kind of hoping that the holes were threaded but they aren't, not sure how they are supposed to work either. Unless you really need to drill through them.

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22 hours ago, mrmetallica said:

you could use rivnuts. you drill a hole and insert the rivnut pull it tight and screw onto them

Don't want to drill anything =(.


20 hours ago, Jonro2009 said:

I used 3M number plate tape on my Mondeo

Yea, I will probably use tape if I can't find any other solid solution that does not require drilling. Tape seems to be the clear winner.

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Just drill some holes.  The rest of the world does it without issues.  Paint the exposed metal, and smear the threads of the screws with grease.  You can rest ready that in prolonged hot or cold weather your plate won't go for a jolly on it's own.

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