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mk7 Fiesta Battery light


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hi all, i have my 2009 mk7 fiesta with the battery light on, no idea why, i have a feeling its something to do with smart charge or something else which i will get into later.

my first thought was the battery or faulty alternator (which is only 5 months old) but upon putting a multi meter on the battery shows 12v with not engine running, and 14v when cars running (have to rev over 2k to start it but is fine there after. so i did some research and saw about smart charge on newer fiesta's. i checked the alternator and its only a 1 pin connector, theres no 3 pin wires anywhere in my engine bay so id sort of ruled that out. also the battery is lead acid, which ive read that is incompatible with smart charge anyway, would this put the light on despite the alternator not being smart change enabled ?


the only other thing that it could be is that in the engine fuse box, one of the relays (identified as the PCM relay) has a earth wire bypass, from relay socket straight to earth ? any idea what this could be a sign of or bring my battery light on


im a bit lost and want to try get a good idea of what it is before i splash out lots of £££ to a auto electrician to diagnose and fix and any help would be amazing =) thanks

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