Iain Johnston

2017 Ford Mondeo ST Line X Hatch Mudflaps

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Please can someone help. I have heard that the Ford mudflaps do not fit the 2017 Mondeo ST Line because of the body kit, I have been looking at photos of the cars on line and where the mudflaps fit I can not see any difference on other models. I really want to fit them, I get the car on Friday and I am looking forward to it. Has anyone on here fitted any???


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Unfortunately, and usually, there isn't a mudflap to fit the cars with a bodykit. It's the same for my MK4.5 and also my old ST24. You wil have to either modify the standard mudflaps or get something universal and make it fit.

I've not put anything on my current car but on the ST24 I used flat Ford Fiesta mudflaps and clamped them on the lip of the wheel arch, though on these new cars there isn't much of a lip.

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