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67 Plate Sync Apps


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One of my work colleague's spoke with me this morning asking about the apps for his 67 plate Mondeo. As the conversation was brief, I didn't remember to ask the full plate so I could check the Sync version but I am guessing it's Sync 3.

Having not used Sync 3, what apps could he get/use along with his Samsung Android?

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If he plugs his phone in he will certainly get Android Auto.  There's also a Ford app, but all its really useful for is assisting with rerouting around road incidents.  It does update your phone with the status of your car and mine told me there was a recall as well.

To be honest, the app is quite flakey.   Android Auto should be pretty good for him as it will include whatever music service Google uses, Google Maps as well as the Google now assistant.  Should also be able to use Whatsapp (well, I can with Apple CarPlay) as well as text messaging (all dictated of course).

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Thanks for the response Lat.

I did have a look on the Ford Sync page and that's about as much as I could see myself. The list of actual apps that Ford list for Sync 3 were a load of rubbish.

I didn't get any time to go through things with my colleague (both busy at work) but he's definitely interested in the Android Auto and Google Maps/navigation function being available.

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I dont have an android so I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong, but i think he needs to download Android Auto from the play store, then just plug it in to the car.  If it doesnt load, check the settings.  Should be a button for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay preferences and just turn it on.

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