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Hi everyone.

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Just found this forum, when looking around for an answer to a question - but thought I'd say Hi.

This Friday I shall be taking delivery of my new 2014 Focus Titanium Navigator. It's a 1.0L Ecoboost in dark grey (Which I think is coded "Lunar Sky"). I've always toyed with the idea of getting a Focus as my next car, and that became more of a possibility as it was clear that my 2010 Astra was reaching the stage where it was going to need more attention to keep it running (and of course more money). The more research I did into the Focus (poring over Autotrader to find one (and the one I bought was literally right round the corner from me at a Toyota dealership) - endless searches of Youtube for reviews and features), the more I wanted one - but I'd be lying if I didn't say that it was the toys and gadgetry that really attracted my attention. To find a small family car that can basically park itself, and has voice activated controls and radar guided cruise control - was quite a surprise, I'd always considered such things as belonging to the luxury saloon market of BMW and Mercedes. The truth is, every time I sat in that car, I discovered another one of the optional extras was present. The Autotrader advert listed things such as "parking sensors" and "cruise control" but a quick play inside revealed that it has Park Assist (the screen said "Looking for parking space" when I pressed an innocuous button marked "p" and I believe auto cruise control as well as what looked to be road sign recognition (however I was too busy driving the car and looking at the road, to set it up properly)

Anyway, enough rambling. See you on the boards.

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