Do your daytime running lights (DRLs) look like this?

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Hi there,

I've recently purchased a second hand 2014 Ford Galaxy MKIII and I've discovered that the daytime running lights are much brighter than the LED strips on newer Fords.

They also cannot be configured in any way. They are on all the time.

Could another member please tell me if the DRLs on their car look like the photos below?




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DRLs are designed to be on all the time and cannot be turned off. They should dim once sidelights or dipped beam are selected on the light controls. 

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Had the same issue on mine when I first got it. It's a programmable option. Those are the main headlights, there are no DRL's in these so they just leave them on. The first dealer I spoke to about this said they always stay on now due to European laws requiring running lights, the second dealer said that's a load of rubbish and re-programmed them to work as they should.


Hope that helps.





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