Won't start after dmf change

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Hello all first post on here!

I have a mk3 mondeo tdci 130 2002. Its at my mates workshop for a clutch change, apart from it having a solid flywheel conversion which was for a focus it now has a mondeo dmf but after fitting it the car no longer starts? Before that he fitted a solid fly wheel for a mondeo but the supplier sent the wrong one it was for a 6 speed but that didn't start neither. The car turns over but that's it.

There is an error code but don't know if it was there before changing the clutch? The code is P2288 injector control pressure above expected level.

I think everything has been checked but just won't start. Its not the immobiliser the light on the clock works as it should.

Could it have a focus crank sensor or are they the same as the mondeo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Cheers in advance.

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The mondeo decided to just fire up for no reason! I can't delete this post.

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