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Power start button issue

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Yesterday my car started doing wierd stuff. I have only had the car since March of this year (2010 Mondeo Titanium x powershift with only 45k miles). 

Yesterday whilst attempting to start it, it sounded like the starter motor was sticking. Eventually the car started. Drove it 15 miles & the engine wouldnt turn off. Drove it to the main dealer where eventually after repeatedly pressing the button the engine stopped.  

The global opening & closing of the windows/sunroof as well as the keyless entry all stopped working at the same time. 

They checked the starter motor & the fobs which are fine. Now they tell me it will cost 100e per hour in labour till they find the fault. 

Any ideas as to what could be wrong. 

Thanks a mill for any help. 

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You could check the foot brake switch as this is linked to the button start sequence. Then check that the switch on the park position is also okay. I have only just bought my

Mondeo but these are a couple of places I would look to start with.

Good luck and hope the problem is a quick and cheap fix.

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