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Mk3 Fiesta Track/hillclimb Car

eric humphreys

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My fiesta began its life as a trade in i picked up cheap.. the three door 1.1L

it was my daily run around i soon had avo lowering springs on it. The steels wheels needed to go

so i replaced them with escort 5 spokes in white which gave it that rallyesc look. A pair of OMP fixed back

buckets went in then poor little 1100 gave up and through a rod through the block.....

That was it then i had a decent 3door Shell and no engine so me and my friend decided to start up our garage anticks again and build a

hillclimb/road rally car.

but no ordinary fiesta mk3 track car oh no

first thing was strip it to Shell then we went in search of parts to turn our new found project in to something different we sourced

a sierra 2.0l 8v with the ajoining gearbox it was then we decided to go rwd.

the parts we salvaged from the sierra

2.0l 8v efi

full wiring loom

gear box

ignition barrel key


front struts

front subframe

front engine mounts

front brake setup and hubs

the rear end of the car we wanted to create something a tad different again so we turned to another manufacturer (which some of you may not agree with but hay)

we removed the rear running gear from a subaru impreza


rear subframe

drive shafts

trailing arms

rear brake drums

but soon to be swapped for discs

yet we still had a Shell with not a lot going on on it ........

so we invested in a full bolt in OMP roll cage

and basically thats it

i will post pictures of how far we have got soon

please let me know what you think

and if anyone has any ideas or usefull input then i will be very greatful


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