Files (mp3 or similar) of the V2C voice 2006

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Hi, there,

I would like to know if someone could provide me with the "audio" files of the V2C commands for a MK3 Mondeo 2006.
That is, the phrases and words that our Mondeo says.
I am referring to the audio files of the different phrases spoken by the V2C voice.
I mean, that "Temperature please..." and "Twenty degrees..."

Maybe someone knows how to get them out of a software update.

I have the update in *.bvc and *.vbf files but I am not able to remove the information.

Files I do have are: 8M5T-14D511-AV.bvc, 8M5T-14D511-AV.vbf, 8M5T-14D511-BV.bvc, 8M5T-14D511-BV.vbf, etc.

Greetings and thanks

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