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Hi Folks, Just signed up.... I've been a Ford owner for many years and have just traded in my 2015 Mondeo and got myself a shiny new Edge Titanium 210 with LUX Pack and pick her up this Thursday, my first ever brand spanker...I'm like a bairn on Christmas Eve...lol....




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On ‎8‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 8:15 PM, Les Focus said:

Well done Brian I think it's a real achievement to get your first brand new car, so happy motoring.  Is there much of a choice in Ford dealers other than AC.

Cheers Les, I've been on holiday and also work away so haven't had much time in the car, what time I have had has been excellent up to now, really liking the auto box, this is my first automatic and wishing i'd gone for it before. excuse my ignorance...AC???

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55 minutes ago, Les Focus said:

It's Arnold  Clark I was about to buy in Glasgow, wasn't impressed with their sales technique. Instead I bought from a Ford Dealer in Northern Ireland.

Got you...I bought mine from Macklin Motors - Dunfermline (Formerly Dunfermline Autocentre) I have now bought three cars from them, I could probably have shopped around, but i have never had any issues with the dealership, I have also been very fortunate and never had any problems with the cars either, only ever having to take them back for servicing and any required recalls. I have never had any dealings with AC, but I do remember a guy in my village who had a homemade sticker in the back if his car which read "Arnold Shark Never Again" the fact this has stuck in my mind may have subliminally put me off...I can't remember what model of car it was other than it was a Vauxhall.

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