My First Ford Mondeo MK3

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Hi there, 

I'm new as a Ford owner and to the forum so, I thought I would put a post up as I'm now the owner of a 2006 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Duratec HE.

I hope everyone is well, I look forward to spending some time on here (hopefully not too often as it usually consists of car problems) haha.


Just thought I would ask a few questions if people don't mind so I have some insight of what I need to do with my new car.

What are the service intervals with these vehicles?

My car is an automatic, any recommendations on gearbox services/servicing? 


I'm based in the Southend East of England Sunny Southend-on-Sea, I don't suppose anyone can point me in the correct direction of a decent independent Ford specialist somewhat close to the area. 


Thank you for your time people! have a lovely day. 


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