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Entering the radio code


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Hello every-one,

                              I have just fitted a new battery to my 2013 business edition 1600 Mondeo and now I need to re-enter the radio code.  I have the code but I don't know how to do it would some one be kind enough to tell me how to do please.

Put it into simple terms please as I am not exactly brilliant with radios etc   LOL.



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The code should be entered using the first 5 numbered buttons.
Example code - 4321.
Press button 1 four times
Press button 2 three times
Button 3 twice.
Button 4 once.
Press button 5 to confirm the code.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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Frembrit, you are spot on it does have sat nav, I will go out to the car and have a look as soon as I can.

Thanks to you aswell Stoney871


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I went out to the car a few minutes ago and had a look and you are spot on FREMBRIT.  I put the key in and switched on the ignition and it came up on the screen to enter the VIN number, I was a little confused by this and  just put in the 4 digit radio code, pressed the radio power button and it was working.  It hasn't even lost the memory of the stations that were tuned in to it, so one happy man here.

Thank you so much both of you.


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Sorry not VIN the product code number, I assumed this to be the radio code, and then enter.  Then it worked straight the way I was getting a bit confused in the excitement of some thing actually working for me.

The alarm by the way was going every 5-6 seconds while the battery was off and as soon as the new one was connected  it stayed off as it should.


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