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Roof bars for Smax Mk2 with pano roof


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Does anyone have any experience/advice with selecting roof bars for a mk 2 S-Max with a pano roof? I cant decide whether to go for the Ford offering (1853232) which is quite competitively priced after Privilege discount or go for non-Ford one. Thoughts?

At the top of all the door frames there is a black plug which I not sure if this is to do with the fitting of the roof bars or not. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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(First post!)

Hi oilbaron,

I picked up the 1853232 the other week for our first trip away in our new S-Max. We don't have the glass roof but I believe the bars are the same, just the weight limit is different. Lower for the cars fitted with the panoramic roof. Vospers are offering them including delivery for about £150ish or I just got my supplying dealer (Trust Ford Barnsley) to match the price. They're good quality. It was either these or thule but price won out.

The small black plug/hole is a position marker for the bars. There's a "tooth" under the foot of the bar which fits.

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