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Mk4 Mondeo Aluminium Pedal set


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I have the standard ford pedals, with rubber covers. I have purchased second hand ford aluminium pedals which I believe you have to bolt through the current pedal once the rubber has been removed, my pedals don't have holes which means I'll have to drill them. And wondered if anyone had done this and could give advice or the ford instructions.

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I received my pedals covers, i had to drill the pedals which was fine, they didn't come with the corresponding 'nuts' just the bolts so i went to my local garage and they gave me a few normal nuts and they fitted fine, took about 15 mins to fit them!

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A bit late, but the easiest way I found was to remove the rubber covers from the pedals, and from the new covers.

Then use a spring clamp to hold the metal covers on the pedals and mark the holes for drilling, remove covers and make some big holes in the pedals. They are supposed to have rivnuts fitted to the pedals and then you just screw down the covers (with the rubber put back in) and job done. But, as you found, you can just put some locking nuts on the back just as easily, except the accelerator pedal with its double skin may need a longer bolt.

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