Battery Low Warning (13 plate)

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Hi All

When I have the car on accessory, with the engine NOT running, within a minute or two the Batter Low warning comes on. It's always done it (since we got in in April) , and I planned to replace the battery before winter, as it didn't seem to impact the starting. 

However, taking it to a battery place today, the chap says the battery is fine, holding a charge and the alternator is also ok. 

Any ideas what's making the warning come on?



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If there is an update then it will need to be done at a dealer.

I and many others are having or had the same problem too. battery tests show it's fine yet the message still appears. My 2011 Mondeo is on its 2nd Ford battery (replaced under warranty in Jan 2015), and that has started giving the Low battery message for the last few months. I can charge it but after about a week the message appears again.

However, the car has never failed to start, even on the old battery in the middle of winter.

Forscan software showed my battery is 57% charged. But I then reset the BMS (battery monitoring system) and it showed it as 67% charge..going to monitor it over the next few weeks.

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