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Upgrading the centre console

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Hi. I am wanting to upgrade the original stereo in the 2010 S max to a DAB radio for my wife. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and what sound system would you recommend? I know Ford are now in partnership with Bang and Olufsen and now have these in them. Would it be possible to put this system in a 2010 model I wonder? 


Thanks in advance for any advice offered. 


Cheer Lee

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Not sure if it's possible for your generation of car but you could always look at a full Sync 3 upgrade! Check out the following link as an option: 


Not cheap and if can say so myself, Sync 3 is positively pants and years behind where it should be for a company as large as Ford!

The will be aftermarket systems on eBay for instance. Some of Chinese systems aren't bad and have more connectivity than Sync. 

Best of luck, let us all know what you decide on.

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That link is for adding EU navigation for an existing Sync 3 system (targetted at imports), nothing with DAB for a 2010 S-Max at all.

2010 (which one exactly) is the old (first) S-Max, and could be either pre or post facelift (which happened mid 2010). If you want to stay OEM, it has to be one of the Ford system of a similar year, which leaves the Sony DAB unit, or the external DAB box for the Touchscreen satnav (if that's what you currently have).

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