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I'm dibzy... I'm 27 from essex.

I'm close to doing my driving test and will be looking at getting myself a little Ford run around for my first car (all future cars will be fords too if I can help it).

If anyone has any ideas on finding myself some cheap insurance then bat away as that's the bit I'm gonna struggle with most when it comes to setting up my little road beast haha!!.





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Hi and welcome. 

Insurance will depend on numerous factors including age, postcode, storage options (driveway, street etc), vehicle, vehicle modifications, annual mileage, insurance optional extras (hire car, breakdown, key cover) etc.

I would advise looking at comparison sites first to give you a rough idea of prices for vehicle types you are looking at and then going direct to other insurers who aren't on comparison sites. Personally I never go for the first insurance quote offered as it is usually missing certain things or contains expensive add-ons which other companies offer much cheaper or even free as part of their policy. 

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I haven't really found one I've had issues with yet in 15 years of driving (on and off). I've used various insurers from Direct Line (who don't seem to want to insure me now due to illness/disability), Hastings Direct/Hastings Premier and I'm currently with Esure.

There are some companies out there who won't insure new drivers due to them being inexperienced, even if they are outside of the 18-25 bracket. There are also insurers which insist that new drivers have a black box fitted to their vehicles to monitor driving activity (which can reduce premiums). 

It's worth looking at what you want insurance to include. Some insurers automatically include a hire car for 7 days if yours is involved in an accident, some include key cover if your keys are stolen/lost and some won't cover windscreen replacement/repairs or have huge excess amounts for replacement. Some insurers cover accidental damage, others don't and some include as standard legal protection in case of accidents and 3rd party claims.
Depending on the age of the vehicle, it's worth checking out the differences in price with yearly mileage and also excess amounts (voluntary and compulsory) in case of a claim. 

I would also recommend that you go fully comprehensive rather than just 3rd party (3rd party usually ends up being more expensive now) just so that all your bases are covered and also, if you can, pay it in one go rather than monthly as you won't pay a % on top for monthly fees. 

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