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On 10/5/2018 at 10:20 AM, BrettRS said:

I'm going to buy a mondeo 2013+ hatch probably a tit or tit x spec..

Just wondering what to avoid in both petrol or diesel and manual or auto...

Please only real answers...

T I A.....

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There really isn't much that's specific to the Mondeo, just the usual used car stuff as far as I can recall.

* The Powershift (dual clutch gearbox) has a service interval for the filter and fluid, this HAS to be adhered to otherwise you can end up with a knackered box of neutrals.  (Par for the course for a dual clutch gearbox).

* For the diesels, just the usual stuff such as making sure the clutch/dmf feels nice and solid and operates smoothly without any rattles or difficulty selecting gears.  A used diesel also wants to have a sensible amount of miles on it, obviously there is no way to know what kind of driving i.e. mainly motorway or lots of stop start city driving.  But a higher mileage would usually be considered a good thing as it's more likely to have been motorway miles which really helps to the keep the DPF in good order.

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