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First Ford Focus - Window steaming up and low MPG


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So recently got my first ford card ever, I was driving a BMW 1 series and fancied a change. So far I have been very impressed, and I am glad I have made the jump. I have got a 18 Focus ST Line 1L (Ecoboost) 140hp. I so far love the car but have got a few small queries with it. The first issue I am having ( I googled around but most the threads online don't really have any tips) is that my front window always keeps fogging up. The weather has been cold / wet / dry / warm then cold again, but i've never had the issue as bad as I do now.

I always press the front window heater (so the lines in the window that heat up) and I keep warm / cool A/C on it so it clears the fog. but normally on my other cars the fog would stay away after it was on to clear it, but if I keep it turned off then the fog always comes back. Any tips to try prevent this?

My second issue (Well not issue, but wanted a better MPG) is that I am only getting 36MPG. I need to keep the warm/cool AC on setting 1 a lot, I'm not sure if that was the reason? I was hoping to get about 45-55MPG but i'm not getting near that. The car has only done 1800 miles. Anything that I could check? I only got the car from the dealer 2 weeks ago.



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get the gas level checked on the AC (it might have cut out due to low level) once operating correctly never turn it off (will last longer), only use the heated screen when its icy, waste of time before... many come on automatically due to low outside temp, make sure you have some air flow pointing at the screen

any turbo engine will drink fuel if you are lazy in you're driving and use boost to compensate for proper gear selection and good anticipation of others on the road.  Best method is to buy an auto if you can't be bothered changing gear all the time and carry more speed by anticipating what's happening in front

if you are coming from a tractor (diesel), aside from killing children, you will probably have become additive to the surge of acceleration one gets from abusing its torque curve.... if you attempt to replicate this drug addition on a petrol you'll drop 10 mpg instantly.

to save fuel, keep revs on a petrol between 1600 and 2800 never use more than 1/3rd throttle.  That should easily be enough to be in front of any other road user on a 1.5 or bigger car.  On a tractor keep between 1500 and 2200 and use 1/4 throttle

BMW's used to have a fuel usage meter at the bottom of one of the dials...  it was just a simple vac gauge and if you actually want to proceed down the road it was off the clock showing you were drinking fuel to the max, the only way to keep in the economic region was to be slowing down....   its the same on any car and more so with a turbo.... , use moderate acceleration to get to safe driving speed for the conditions, and then if the pedal is anything other than 1 thou open the tank will run dry quicker than u need.  cruise will save lots of fuel on any flat ground over a normal driver

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