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Converse+ mondeo titanium x faulty


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Hi. I’m a new member to this site. I have just purchased a 08 mondeo titanium x last week. Everything was fine for the first few days but on Friday the lcd on the converse+ started to play up with missing pixels. It has got worse over the weekend and now just shows a whiteish colour covrring the screen. It has gone to my local garage today as I’ve been told it might just be the connection that needs cleaning. 

If it’s not I am thinking of buying a used converse+ cluster off eBay. Does anyone know once it’s fitted what mileage the lcd will show? My mileage or the new mileage the converse+ car it came from?

Thanks in advance for any info. 

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The cluster will show the mileage that's stored on it i.e. from the car it came out of.  It is possible to have it reprogrammed but it's not straightforward and not something the average person can do with a laptop.  There are companies that specialise in fixing cluster problems (in general, not just Ford clusters) this includes replacement of a knackered LCD screen.  Depending on how much it would cost to have the LCD replaced it might make sense to take that route and avoid the complexities of swapping in a cluster from another car.

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