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Another MK4 Mondeo Cruise Not working

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Hi all needing some help on this one please

Have read loads on the internet regarding cruise control not working but none seem to apply to my car

Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Titanium X 2014 Automatic, keyless start

Not had the car long and the cruise has stopped working in the fact that it will not switch on, have sprayed contact cleaner into back of steering wheel switch buttons that did not work.

Speed limiter seems to work ok

Only thing I can think is, and I think at around the same time as the cruise stopping working  I had a rear brake caliper go bad and stick on, one of the rear brakes got very hot, caliper has been replaced, could it be the abs sensor also got hot, and would that stop cruise from switching on

I do have Forscan on my laptop but have not yet tried to read any fault codes

I have read of a self test for the cruise control system but not sure how to try it on my car as it refers to ignition key in different positions when testing, my car does not have an ignition key, is there a self test or diagnostic mode for the cruise on my car

Brake lights are working as they should, but could it still be the brake light switch, or is there another pedal switch dedicated to the cruise system

Any help appreciated please as no idea where to start looking, or what needs replacing

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If it stops working again, use Forscan to monitor/record the speed that each wheel sensor reports.  If 1 or more wheels is out of range in relation to the others the CC shouldn't engage and if so it should be the root cause of your issue.  I had something similar on my MK2 Focus and it was the front drivers ABS sensor intermittently not transmitting a signal, dead easy to spot using Forscan.

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