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Auto gearbox advice please


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Hi everyone, i've been trying to help a mate sort his gearbox issues. His car, an 08 galaxy went into limp mode and apparently it needed the oil in the gearbox changing, and there were also fault codes showing turbo overboost,so he sourced a filter and ford oil online and a local garage agreed to do the work. Well, after having the car for a month they had changed the oil , apparently, but still hadn't got round to fixing the turbo. Getting fed up with the waiting he took the car away and was going to scrap it so i said i would take a look, i don't know an awful lot, but theres nothing to loose either. First problem is i cant find more than one drain plug, does this year's model have only one? I also can't find any fill level plug one the side of the gearbox, so are there certain models that don't have one? I also drained a little oil out to take a look and it's black, not the red colour i was expecting, which begs the question, has it just been topped up and not changed. The drain plug has been removed......with a screwdriver\chisel! Below is a pic of said oil.


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