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Hello Ford Explorer maybe


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       my last Ford was a 1.5tdci Fiesta, but  moving on whilst on holiday in Canada I hired a Ford Explorer and loved it apart from the mpg but hey ho.We wouldn't be using it all year it would just be taxed for the summer months.Anyway I have two thoughts on getting my hands on one.One would be to buy off one of the Japanese auction sites and ship the car into the Port of Tyne on the Nissan ship which docks regularly and do all the paperwork myself at this end.Or buy from a company  like the car warehouse in Middlesbrough.They have Explorer's on there eBay page because the eBay page is a buy it now and not an auction you don't know how long the vehicle has been up fro sale.Thats a worry for me if they want 8 grand for one and its been for sale for 10 months then as soon as its off the forecourt its worth 4 grand if lucky.Decisions decisions ,I went to my local Ford dealer and they said they could  do the servicing  as brake pads discs shocks  etc are all available.What to do.Even shipping from the USAinto Liverpool is cheap.Have you done it how did it work for you

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