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H7 LED Fiesta 2012


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Hi all,

I've been searching with no luck. Anyone been able to install H7 LED (dipped beam/ side lamps) on their Fiesta. I have found quite a few clips on youtube and even purchased some LEDs... just to discover that the fitting cap on the headlight is different from what I've seen in all the clips on the net. Looks like I need to buy the adapter (found this on the net but with very mixed reviews due to flimsy build), but to install the adapter for the LED I would need to remove the heat sink and so far I have been unable to find LEDs that allow you to do that, or at least had no relevant response from the seller.

Looking through the pages and pages on here I have seen ppl recommending OSRAM H7 bulbs to get brighter colour... but I would love LEDs, which should be cheaper than HID although not as bright.


I'm only interested in H7 upgrade.

PS: if you look at amazon (H7 Car Headlight Bulb, MALUOKASA 50W 6500K 10000 Lumens LED Headlight Bulb) these are the ones I had to send back.

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did you have any luck with that?

I'm looking to achieve the same, from what I can see in the picture of the bulbs, it appears it's not easy to remove the radiator in order to fit a custom retainer for the H7 bulb.

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