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Potential 1.0L Ecoboost 123bhp buyer questions


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Hi all,


I am in the market for a 1.0L Ecoboost 123bhp ideally Titanium spec

Having a good look online and test drove a few already,


Is there anything specific that I should be aware of when buying?

service intervals?

(looking around the 45k miles mark, 2013/2014/2015 era)

123bhp or the 99bhp? Obviously id prefer the first but whats actually the difference between them? Purely just a larger turbo?

Turbo coolant pipes!

I have been reading through the page below but has anyone found a solution/prevention to this yet (other than sanding back and painting them) The cars i have looked at all had varying degrees of corrosion on them

Many thanks!



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service intervals are every 12.5k or 12 months.

The main issues are coolant related, which then leads to overheating.  Make sure the pipes and header tank are in good order and it should be reliable.  The only solution for the metal pipes is painting them as described in that thread.  There have been gearbox issues with some but those are usually remapped ones, and it's a far smaller number than those with coolant issues.

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If you're buying it from a Ford dealer make sure they apply TSB 16-2008 to to it to sort that rusty turbo pipe issue before accepting it. Otherwise you'll have to either pay Ford or grind off the rust and paint it yourself; seems they're trying to wiggle out of liability on this one!

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