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Timing Belt & Timing Problem Advice


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Have a 2008 2.0 Mondeo diesel with automatic gearbox. Tried to change the timing belt and all was well until I tried to remove the crank pulley and could feel it turn in the belt.

With it being an automatic I did not lock off the flywheel and that was likely my first big mistake. Managed to turn over engine by hand and all was well.

Have replace belt and engine turns over but will not fire up. 

I am aware there are no timing marks so is there anyway to setup the timing nagain or is the engine goosed. Any advice much apprecaited.

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21 hours ago, stef123 said:

It reads to me like you done this job without any timing locking tools? 

It does sound that way doesn't it 😕 That Crank bolt shouldn't rotate if its locked off in the hole behind the starter motor and you shouldn't be undoing that bolt with the pins in anyway, as long as the belt was left on when you did it, it should have remained in time but if you took it off first then....whoops.

If its only a bit out you might have got away with it, otherwise your valves might be sporting a new look. There is crank locking hole behind the starter motor, the flywheel should have been locked off by removing the starter and there is a CAM locking hole in on the CAM sprocket.

Im no expert but if you didn't use the pins then get the cam locked off then wiggle the crank in place.

If you did lock it correctly then check the crank position sensor, you might have knocked it.

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