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MK 4 front grill ford badge replacement


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I’ve just bought a 2009 MK 4 mondeo. The badge on the front grille has discoloured and ended up just silver. How easy are they to replace and can anyone give me an idea how to do it.

I can see buying the new badges is easy but before I spend 30 quid or so on the badge I just wanted to make sure they were easy to replace.

Any help welcome


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Changed it on my car (with the honeycomb grille) last year... took the top plastic panel off to give me access to the rear of the grille, I was hoping to pop it off  but couldn't pres the tabs in so managed to cut off a couple of the tabs from the rear of the old badge and that was enough to free it from the grille. New badge just pushes on and the tabs lock it in place.

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