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Fault code p0431


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Hello, I am thinking of purchasing a van but let me post what is saying happened.

The van conversions is based on a  2012 Euro 5 2.2 Rwd Ford Transit. Here is what the poor guy is experiencing.


I used this to tour Ireland and then to Cornwall where the engine fault light came on. I took it to a mechanic who replaced the turbo and dpf but after that the light is still there I'm told because of sensor error. strangely it then had a new fault code p0431 cam and glow plug sensor circuit fault. The mechanic did not seem trustworthy and I had now spent my holiday money so I decided to drive it home. displays a yellow spanner light.
It drives ok but is limited to 2000rpm until fault is fixed. Before he replaced the dpf it wasn't limited on revs although light was on so seems like I paid to make it worse from Auto-Go services of Devon as its now got a spanner light and restricted power (limp home mode) Quote
I drove it 350 miles home like this so you can drive it away but it is quite slow at the minute
Hope one of you guys can help
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