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rear dash cam


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I want to fit a rear view dash cam to my mk4/5 ? Mondeo business edition.  I wanted to just plug a rear view one into the front one just like on my wife's car but I made a mistake thinking that the cam in mine was the same as hers a Nextbase  512 that I can just plug in and away you go, but being me I got the wrong model.

I have got a Nextbase 412 that I can't just plug and play as ithasn't got a socket hole to plug into, so my options are,

1. Buy another dash cam, a 512 and the rear view one that's all included in the package ( I can't really do this one as the cam is fairly new and was a present from my wife),

2. Buy an additional camera and fit that into the rear window and just use it as a separate item.

I have only just recently  (less than a week ago) bought a dash cam to fit in the classic car that we own so thought about fitting that or a similar one to the rear window of the Mondeo.  My question is can I use the power socket that's in the back of the car to power it, as I have read elsewhere that it is live all the time, but have also read that it cuts the power approx. 15mins after turning off the ignition.  I don't want the camera on all the time when the ignition is turned off, I want it to turn off when turning of the ignition or as soon as afterwards.  I don't really want to hard wire this one in if I can avoid it.

So doe's the power socket stay live or turn off after a while?

Thanx all.


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2013 Mondeo is the MK4.5 model, or MK4 Facelift.

When you refer to "the power socket that's in the back of the car", do you mean the one in the boot on an estate or the one on the back of the centre console for the rear passengers?

The one in the boot in the estates are permanent 12V (Hatchbacks don't have a socket in the boot). The one in the back of the centre console goes off after 15 mins.

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Thanks for that Frembrit, mine is a hatchback so it's the power socket on the back of the centre console.  The power  goes off after 15mins then.

You've answered my question for me,  I will use that power point for the rear dash cam using the camera I got last weekend.  The only thing I will have to do is get used to the light from the camera in the rear view mirror when I look in the mirror LOL.

Oh and you answered the other question that I should have asked," which is my car a mk4, mk4.5 or mk5?"

Thanks again.

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