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I would just like to introduce myself to you all as a proud new owner of a Ford. My name is Hannah and I just bought a 63 plate Ford Fiesta, painted in Midnight Sky, and I love it. It's one of the nicest cars I've had the pleasure of driving and the features it has are a massive upgrade from my 2005 Nissan Micra.

My only query thus far is aimed at my fellow Fiesta owners: what have you done about the pesky handbrake hole?

I look forward to joining in with future forum posts!



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Welcome to the FOC forums Hannah. The Fiesta is a great little car and these forums are a great place to learn about the cars, their quirks, faults and general stuff.
I see you already looked at the losing things down the back of the handbrake post. I'd never even noticed it tbh but I haven't really driven my Fiesta much (1k in 6 months). It's got me wanting to look to see if I have a gap in mine too. 

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