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Ford Focus 2013 Sync Issue


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Hi All, 

I have just purchased a 2013 ford focus Zetec S, its my first ford and so far i have been happy except a small issue with what i believe to be related to the Sync feature. 

My DAB radio and navigation audio works well and the sound comes through the car Speakers as expected, however when i sync up my Samsung Galaxy S9 or my partners iPhone 5s i am unable to get any audio through the Speakers despite the display picking up everything i do e.g. calling people, selecting play when i play audio on my phone etc. The other thing i noticed is that there is no audio (Samantha i believe its called) talking back to me or beeps or clicks when i select things or when my phone pairs for example. I have tried using the master reset option but this has not resolved the issue hence why i have come here to see if anyone can provide me with some advice.

I have read online that people suggest disconnecting the battery or removing the SYNC fuse but knowing absolutely nothing about cars i am a little reluctant to start poking around. e.g. if i disconnect the battery will it affect anything else or if i pull the fuse out (67 on my model - i think) will it screw my nav up. What if i pull the wrong fuse out? 

Any advice would be great, thank you.


This image is off the internet but its exactly like mine 


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The picture above is from a car with the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system and not SYNC. 

A Bluetooth/Voicecontrol steering wheel has a radio remote that is similar to the Cruise Control switches.



The picture above shows a SYNC 1.0 / 1.1 steering wheel. This type of steering wheel has the radio remote located at the right side of the airbag assembly.


Because the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system and the newer SYNC 1.0/1.1 system are 2 completely different system you first have to make sure which system you have.


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Hello JW1982

Thank you for your response. Apologies I believe my SYNC version is 1/1.1. My vehicle is 2013 (13) - Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec S 5dr.

Here are some pics from inside my car (attached)

Many thanks






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For modelyear 2013 Ford introduced the SYNC 1.0 system which replaced the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. It is basically the first generation of the SYNC system. This system was only used for about 1 year. It was replaced by the SYNC 1.1 system in 2014.

The SYNC 1.0 system can only be updated by a Ford dealer. However because the system was only used for a short period Ford stopped the support for this system very soon and there are no recent updates available. The system has only limited support for newer phone types. The Samsung Galaxy S9 for example is officially not supported at all. This type of phone may or may not work correctly with the SYNC 1.0 system. 


The Focus MK3 SYNC audo system consists of several standalone parts that communicate by the CANbus network:

* FCDIM (display).
* ACM (Audio control module, which is basically the radio/cd unit).
* APIM (SYNC module).
*GPSM (GPS module for Emergency Assistance (only present on cars that have Emergency Assistance)).

The audio however is communicated between the APIM and ACM by physical wiring. Sound issues like you are experiencing can have several causes:

* A defective SYNC audio input of the ACM.
* A defective SYNC audio output of the APIM.
* Software/communication issues.

Apart from this the FCDIM can also affect the SYNC functionality. 

Personally I would start by resetting both the ACM, FCDIM and APIM modules. this can be done with a suitible Ford specific diagnostic system (for example an ELM327 interface and the FoCCCus or Forscan software), by simply disconnecting the particular modules or by disconnecting the battery for a while.

If resetting does not solve the problem there is an actual defect that needs further investigation. 



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Hi JW1982,

Thanks again for all that information 🙂 

When i use my VIN number on the following site https://secure.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/SYNC-and-Bluetooth-Support/MobileCompatibility its informing me that my vehicle is Focus 2010 2011 (SYNC 1 2012). 

When i check the mobile compatibility, the Samsung S9 is not in the compatible list but the iPhone 6 s is (which doesn't work either - same behaviour where all the on screen things work but no sound). 


So do you think its pointless disconnecting the battery or removing the fuse? 

Might need a trip to a dealer.

Many thanks for all your help so far.


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I think that the phone volume is remembered by the Audio control module separately from the volume for radio, CD etc. Have you tried turning up the volume using the dial on the radio/cd unit while playing music or making a call through your phone?

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Hi pcaouolte,

Thanks for the response! 

Yes i have turned the voice volume up to max - i did this when i selected voice control. 

Radio = works (sound from speaker)
Navigation voice = works (sound from speaker)
CD = works (sound from speaker)
Voice prompts/sound = doesn't work (no sound from speaker)
bluetooth sound (phone calls etc.) = doesn't work (no sound from speaker)

Really frustrating issue.



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Hi Luke4efc,

The fact that it is pairing with my Samsung S9 with no problems and all the functions on the screen work okay e.g. i can call etc. i agree i dont think there is an issue with the device, i just dont know why there would be no sound?

Does anyone know what the 'SET DEFAULT' option does in the SYNC settings? it looks like a factory restore but i am reluctant to execute it in case it screws my navigation which is working perfectly. 


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I would think your day nav will be fine...if you really want to you can pull the sd card out (small slot above the screen) before you hit dressed but I doubt this would be strictly necessary.

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