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Hi all

I college recommend I try here for good old honest advice. I have been looking around for a good solid estate. I have found a 2008 tech Mondeo with 102k on her. The garage wants 4k and has said it has a fresh service and mot and 8 stamps in the book.  It looks amazing to be fair. What would you say I should look put for.  Any potential issues or problems I could face. Any advice would help me alot as I will be using finance and 3 years is a long time for issues. I expect to be put 18k plus a year mileage mostly motorway and b roads. Average of 50mph. 


Thank you


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They are pretty bullet proof, can have wiring faults on later models, check the rear suspension bushes can be worn  and cracked on an estate, a sure sign is the car  feels as though the rear is drifting out of line when you corner. Also some cars have problems with rust at the bottom of the doors,  No worries about cam belts is a chain on that engine,  mileage is not a worry for the engine it will do at least twice that.

Rear nearside calipers have a habit of seizing, it only ever seems to be that one, 

Price is a bit high,

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Wiring is the big one, ive come a cropper with dodgy electricals that I cant seem to get to the bottom of.  Get it hooked up to Forscan and check what stored DTCs are there. Also check when the last time the DTCs were reset.  In fact most of the issues I have seen with Mondeos tend to be wiring related and as Pete said, the rear bushes.  Probably worth checking the clutch as well check for knocking of the DMF when engaging the clutch and then with the handbrake on check for clutch slip.  

Also worth checking that all the doors lock with central locking, the rear ones have a habit of getting gummed up.  The AC tends to get punctured real easy as well so make sure that is working.

But apart from all that, its actually a great engine, real easy to prime the fuel although the fuel filter is at the back of the car, oil service is easy, at 100k id want to make sure that timing belt is changed, there is a chain between the CAMs but the belt and water pump will be at the end of their life.  Not a massive job to do yourself although locking the crank is a pain, just pull the starter off and save yourself a lot of hassle.


Price does seem a little high. you can buy mine of me for 2k, belt and pump has been changed, its had some minor modifications to EGR system... DPF is still intact and working perfectly. 116k on the clock., its not an estate tho so.... 😉 

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