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Rear Parking Sensor


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After a bit of advice on a (genuine Ford factory fitted) rear parking sensor on a focus 2008 facelift titanium.

Have the single long beep on going into reverse but no beeps when getting close to any object so have whittled it down to the near side sensor. (No noise from it when you listen whereas the other 3 emit a quiet ticking)

I've had the connector off and cleaned the terminals and it worked for a while, started playing up again so cleaned it again and it worked once or twice then back to not working. Does anyone either have an idea where I can obtain another without chopping an arm off to get a Ford one or does anyone have any experience of the many e-bay sellers selling them? (Such as this one ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-FORD-FOCUS-GALAXY-MONDEO-KUGA-CMAX-C-MAX-PDC-PARKING-REVERSE-SENSOR-1PS0110S/161289592604?hash=item258d9bdf1c:g:kf4AAOSwstxVZ3Fo ) they refer to the number 1PS0110S but on checking the visible numbers on the original sensor I can’t find anything that resembles it?

heres a couple of photos of the original sensor




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Just an update on this, bought a £12.99 sensor from the above e-bay seller, tested it in the car, removed & painted it Avalon colour, refitted it and it’s now working perfectly. Not bad for a £12.99 fix and there’s no visual difference 👍🏼

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