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Ford B&o sound system


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i have the new B&O sound system in my new Focus Titanium. When I have it on Surround Sound the output is disappointing. 

When I open the boot I cannot hear any sound from the subwoofer.. is this normal .

any suggestions?


thanks Andy 


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You should hear something but not a lot direct from the subwoofer as the sound is very subtle and heard more from the cabin. I found the best settings are as recommended in a what wifi test on a Fiesta with B&O. Set surround sound on turn bass up a notch and treble down and disable the speed adaptive volume setting. 

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29 minutes ago, Paul 1952 said:

Have a ecosport st line have a b&o set in the car have I got a subwoofer in the car as can not find it 

Check the boot:


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I have the same problem on my new MK4.5 and idk what to do, the subwoofer it's not audible at all, it looks like it's not even there, and I have surround mode on, and the balance it's between energetic and bright...

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The subwoofer won't sound hard. If you play music and open the boot you should be able to hear it a little. It does not sound as those cars you have seen with boot subwoofers. I have the band and olufsen on my focus, but i also have tried it in 3 pumas and one fiesta. It's the same everywhere. You WON'T HEAR IT hard. But it should sound a little.


Also in settings i have it on manual equaliser ( max base less than half high and mid). The speed adaptive feature is optional it doesn't affect the sound. It just increases the volume with your speed. So instead of you increasing it manually at 130kmh/80mph it does it alone.


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