Serious Electric Issues

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2003 1.4 petrol Fusion

Over the past few weeks it has just litterly cut out, no warning, just dies.

When it does EVERY light on the dash comes on, wont start again.

It will eventually start, but could be 5mins, could be 2hrs....

Changed plugs, had it recovered few days ago and he said there was a code about immobiliser?

Spoke with Mechanic, he said it could be a temp sensor, they have had car all day and now saying that pistols and valves are hitting each other and that the cam belt needs to be replaced???????

I'm not a novice mechanic and I think mug might be above my name at the moment.

Any rough ideas or previous similar threads??

Many thanks 

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if pistons were hitting valves it would affect the running all of the time. It would not run OK and then just cut out and then eventually restart OK.

Also if that was causing it I can't see how that would make all of the dash lights come on.

It certainly sounds like an electrical problem to me if all of the dashlights come on.

When it won't restart - what does it do?   does the starter motor crank the engine over or does the starter motor not do anything when you turn the key.

have you checked battery terminal connections are tight and in good order and that the battery earth lead has a good connection where it joins the chassis and/or engine (and check the earth lead between chassis and engine if it has a separate one there)

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Yeah that was basically my thoughts too.

It does crank, but just doesn't start.

They replaced the cam belt and I have no more tapping.

Rocker cover gasket and oil change on invoice??? 

Not sure if it's fixed electric issue?

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