Bluetooth on 1.6 '07 Focus Zetec climate

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Apologies if this is a repeat but I couldn't find a thread for my model exactly.

All i'm after is firstly where do I get the lead or adaptor so my standard stereo has bluetooth, and secondly, Is it easy enough to fit? My knowledge on cars is minimal to none existent, i'm sick of radio 1/capital & I don't have that much of a CD collection anymore. I just want it to use Spotify, so no need for making calls through it fitting mics or whatever.

I did get one of the Android stereo's from ebay ( as a spur of the moment thing when I first got the car, but It wouldn't slot in properly so I returned it for a refund, thinking about it i'd be happy with just bluetooth as these stereos don't seem to have anything my phone doesn't.

if someone could assist & provide a link i'd massively appreciate it,


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each car and each era can end up in a different built spec, an 07 car could be a mk2 with a rectangular radio, or a 57 plate could be a mk2.5 with an oval radio, either way its likely to have buttons making you think it could do telephony within the head unit.... but probably can't do what you want, the radio might, but the car is highly likely to be missing these:

a microphone in a different roof mounted interior light unit (ebay 25 quid)

a different steering column control (ebay £15)

a wiring loom (ford £90)

BT module (ebay £40)

and if you like playing and know what you are doing you might be able to get it working for 50 quid...

but then you will want music and telephony and the world moves on again but with...

a better radio - ford sony DAB 6 disc, able to support a later BT module, find this radio (ebay 120 to 150),

a later different BT telephone and BT music module ( ebay £90) or USB, BT music and BT telephone module ( ebay £120)

but this needs a even better loom to do stereo signals (ford £210)

it also needs the DAB antenna which turns out to be two looms and two elements of an improved antenna on the roof (ford parts around £110)

and you still need to do the microphone and column module…..

or buy an all in one sat nav enabled Chinese nasty replacement headunit for 250 that'll sound like a dead cat and last 15 minutes and take you two weekend of fighting before it half works



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Yea it's a bit of a minefield & complete head f*ck for someone like me!!

I think I'll settle for a bluetooth module and stay as far away as poss from the Chinese units. Would you know if the BT modules are easy to fit or not? Is it just a case of plugging it in, in place or something else at the back?

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very easy to fit... the issue is the loom isn't going to be there to plug it in to.....

there are various looms cheap ones from a fiesta used to be £45 for the early phone only module... all the way to the focus retrofit stereo loom that makes connecting the better BT module simple but its £210 ....  (still need the mic and steering column control) BUT the later one I would have thought only works with the mk2.5 when used with a later radio

The difference between the 2 microphones is :-

 4M5T has an impedance of 8.5kohm

 8M5T has an impedance of 16kohm


to support BVC your Sony 6cd needs this firmware





later firmware will support USB and BVC


Press 1 & 6 together, then release and you will get a series of numbers, firmware is the first one.


£210 Ford part 1667645 (Ford Focus Mk2.5 Retrofit Harness to connect between the harness and the stereo, with a plug for the BT/VC module and a plug for the microphone).

Non stereo phone only loom Ford part finis 1429813 should help connect the early module


DAB antenna (ebay prices for new Ford parts)

DAB Aerial base – 1559268           £17.50

Aerial Mast – 1559265                    £17.15

Roof Aerial Wire – 1545793         £43.95

Aerial Extension Cable from Radio to A Pillar – 1682844                £39.23


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