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Hi new to the forum. Not a petrol head but just come full circle on leaving school many moons ago my first car was a mini just a bog standard one nowt special except for the fact that within a few months I'd written it off😁.  From there I moved on to a ford escort which I ran round for a few years and changed the engine out after the old one chucked something out of the inside. Then I got married and then came the dad car a ford escort estate. In fact I had two in a row. After the last one died I'm sad to say money dictated what cars we had so for 20 years cars fell by the way side. Which recently was the fate of my citreon C3. So I popped into our local used car dealer looking for a cheep run around and I spotted the new car a Mk6 2007 fiesta I used to spend hours pottering with the other fords as they where so easy to work on but over the years it's been easier to drop it into the garage. Imagine my surprise to find myself under this new car doing an oil change which was a dream and checking what needs replacing next. Not by the garage but by myself this car is so easy to work on and I'm sure that when this car goes crush it will be replaced by another ford. Anyway just a long winded way of saying hi.


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