Streetka Alternator removal

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Hi all I am new to forum and am looking for some advise on changing an alternator on a 2004 Streetka I read on an old forum here about how to remove it

but need a bit more help.

firstly I have removed the bumper the headlamp I have also un bolted the alternator and unbolted the power steering pump but left hoses on.

i have also un bolted the  power steering reservoir and the top engine mount it looked like I was 99% done but in the old forum it said to remove the alternator and power steering alloy bracket by removing the 4 bolts well I have removed 4 bolts plus 1 hex bolt and it’s still not budging I removed 2 bolts from behind the alternator one to the right hand side of bracket one at the front and the hex bolt from the left hand side but it’s still stuck in place and if I try to  persuade it to come out with a bit of force it feels like I might have left a bolt in somewhere the old forum said it will fall out pls any advise on getting the alternator out and have I missed a bolt somewhere 

also I am having to leave the power steering hoses on as they are a bit rotten and looks Lomé they will break if I force them.

any help with this pls.

thankyou in advance for any advise

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