Help ecoboost recall coolant issue

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Please can someone help. 

I have just had my car serviced (local garage not ford). They told me my collant pipe was leaking and gave me a quote to replace it. They have put a temp fix on it but it needs replacing asap. i looked and its low already. As soon as i googled focus ecoboost i saw loads of pages on people saying ford are paying for collant issue repairs.

I phoned the ford garage today gave them my reg (12 plate) and they said nothing is on the system about recalls for my car but they can investigate it for £80. They said they will plug it in and if its a ford issue they will pay for the repair. I have also noticed a loss in power so mentioned this too. 

Can anyone help. I dont want to pay £80 for them to turn around and say yes it needs a new pipe which i already know but we are not paying for it. Has anyone else been fobbed off ???


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You probably already have the replacement pipe on the car.  If you put a picture up of the whole pipe (between turbo and coolant tank) I'll tell you if it's the new one.  Sadly the new type still breaks, just on a different place, and Ford won't replace that one for free.

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