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2009 (59 plate) Ford Focus Fuel Filler Neck Query (petrol)

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Recently purchased a 2009 (59 plate) Ford Focus Zetec petrol and have been going round the car sorting out little odd jobs that needed doing and came across the following:

Opened the fuel cap and saw that there was no sort of neck or 'guide' for the fuel nozzle to be guided into. Not even a screw in cap with lock either!  See attached photos below.

1362834541_093FuelQuery0015PiersCunliffePhotographyApril172019.thumb.jpg.2c63cfe19a314e262383404391dcf03d.jpg 947296344_092FuelQuery7965PiersCunliffePhotographyApril172019.thumb.jpg.d2607d81eeba43548aed72dc5fad2d7a.jpg 633277289_091FuelQuery9900PiersCunliffePhotographyApril172019.thumb.jpg.3004d145362e5e23f1ecf2c438ba21d9.jpg

I can fill up by pushing the nozzle through the current hole, which has a spring flap, but it is a really fiddly job to fill up due to the safety cutout mechanism in the nozzle (I think) for when you are nearing the end of filling up. If you place the nozzle all the way in then it cuts out immediately after you start filling up so have to hold it at a certain angle and veeeeery slow fill up. Fuel also spills out into the space too if not done correctly. 

As the fuel flap doesn't lock during central locking then anybody can open it and shove anything inside. Not to mention that when the flap is pushed open you get a vapour evaporating noise! 

So is there meant to be some sort of 'easy fill' neck type guide thing that should twist and click into place? There are some slots for what one would fit it seems. Any help at pointing me towards the correct part to purchase would be greatly appreciated. 




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Thats the easy fill fuel system it can take a bit of getting used to, a lot of fuel filler caps dont lock its just the way they are. There are no parts to buy.

To fill up you should get the nozzle in all the way and sort of horizontal. 

Plenty of videos on utube 


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