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Just bought a 62 plate Ford Focus Titanium spec. Cars done 103k Miles. 1.6TDCI.


Engine sounds alright, clutch is going though. Any recommendations on what to do with the car? Such high mileage for the age and what not. Whilst changing the clutch is there anything else I should change like the slave or just the clutch alone? I've got all the usual filters, oil, cabin, fuel, air. Pads all around except the back which are those ***** drum brakes, which will be fun.

Any one recommend a diesel cleaning products or anything to help clean the DPF or what ever.

Also got a slight problem with the top right wheel. If I full lock the car LEFT and come off a kerb on the right side of the road, the wheel or something on the right side makes a really bad disturbing noise like something is about to snap. Previous owner has got receipts of previous work done and last month it had its cam belt done along with the water pump, plus two brackets for the wheels... Do not know anything about these parts but apparently that's the issue im hearing with the right wheel if anyone knows about that.



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Post in the Focus section youll get a quicker response.

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