EcoBoost P0103

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I've got a really weird problem with a 2014 1 litre EcoBoost fiesta. It broke down and I found the lift pump not running with ignition on. Found the fuse blown. Replaced it and the car started. Removed key and the pump kept running, found the relay had stuck closed, managed to free it off but replaced anyway. Then it popped the fuse again. Wiring appeared ok so replaced the fuel pump. Thought everything was good. Then it came up with error P0103 which is MAF signal voltage high. Then it popped the fuse again for the fuel pump. I found the wiring diagram for the pump circuit and it turns out the maf is supplied by the same circuit. Replaced the fuse and watched on live data the signal from the maf. Appears fine until every so often theres a ***** load of interference and the engine starts stuttering before recovering. Then it blew the fuse again. I've checked all the maf wiring from the plug back to the engine loom connector and theres no damage. 

Here's the wiring diagram. I'd really appreciate any input!


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