mk1 escort pleased

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just bought a escort mk1 1300xl project yes its a 4 door, stripped for restoration everything removed bagged and labelled,

doors bonnet boot wings and glass all stored safely. i think its a good deal at 500, was originally green. i think think its worth restoring given base cost is low, i have facilities and equipment to do all work myself including paint. im a triumph man but my first car was a mk1 hence the pull when i saw it. Any advise on pitfalls and how much to put into it.


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seems very cheap for a mk1 even for a 4 door. 

you can get an idea of what a running mk1 might get by looking at ebay (what auctions end at).

I have had some mk1s and mk2s many years ago in the days when you could buy one running with mot for less then 200 quid.

The main thing I recall about them was rot in the sills, and where the sills join the floor and at the bottom of the post with the front door hinges on.

I had a 2dr Mk1 which I sold to my brother , not brilliant condition and had a poor quality respray. When he had it the bonnet release broke. rather then fix that he drove it until the engine was wrecked through lack of oil (as he could not open bonnet to top it up) and then had it crushed at local scrap yard. seems criminal now due to value of 2 door cars. 

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£50 is a good price, even 4 doors are worth a bit now because 2 doors are soooooo expensive.


The bit between te bumpers rusts like mad.  Check 'A' pliiars inside and out, check sills thoroughly, they have a reinforcing box inside some of them and this is often misssed by poor restorations.

Check the heater cowl hasn't rusted out, you need to look under the dash for this.

Rear wheelarches and rear lower quarters.


the rear chassis is double skinned, check carefully for crusty creaky box sections, especially around the spring hangers.


There so many repair panels available nowadays, but of course the cost mounts up......

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