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Rattles & ESC Issues

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Hi All

I bought my Ford Focus Vignale 1.0L in March 2019. Delighted with a lot of the features it comes with. I chose it over a BMW or Mercedes because of its Spec.

However, I noticed a few rattles once I had bought it. There seems to be a vibrating sound that comes from both sides of the car of the car and one within the central console. They are intermittent. Usually if the road is rough they are very prominent. When I say rough I don’t mean bad potholes etc where you’d expect to hear a creak or rattle when you hit them. The car was taken back in and it was believed to be a loose wire behind the soft fixings in the roof and Arch around the windscreen.  Only had the car back a day and it started again. Took it a road test with the mechanics and we believe it could be the seat belt tensioners that’s causing a metallic vibrate at each side and the glove box.

I have have had an issue with the warning “ESC SERVICE REQUIRED”. It again is intermittent and impossible to replicate. This issue then shuts down the auto break, hill start and pre-collision assist as well as various other driver assists. This cause of this is yet to be identified. The issue last a few minutes then it all re-activates again.

Anyone else had any issues with rattles or the ESC? Anyone found the cause?

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