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1.5L EcoBoost, engine cooler always start, after engine turn off

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Hi Guys,

I live in Hungary and I have a 2019 S-Max ST Line, with 165HP 1.5 EcoBoost Engine, with manual transmission.
My car has a little issue (or not issue, I don't know), what you can watch on this video, and read below.

The hungarian Ford services currently unable to tell me that this is a normal operation or an issue.

Does anyone have a similar experience with this Ford 1.5 Ecoboost 160/165 HP petrol engine (in S-Max or Galaxy)?


So, the engine cooler fans almost always kick in (without use AC) after the engine turn off, and runs a few minutes (4-5-6 mins). If the coolant temperature is 92°C or higher turn on one fan, but if 98°C or higher turn on both fans (this is very loud) after turn off the engine. The fans runs (always), while the coolant temperature is decrased by 5°C (this is the 4-5-6 mins). So, for example: when I turn off the engine, and if the coolant temperature is 94°C one fan turn on and run it, while the temperature decrase to 89°C. Or if the coolant temperature is 99°C turn on both fans and runs it, while the temperature decrase to 93°C.

This happens even after a short trip (6-7 km) even in cool weather, without AC. If then I drive 3-4 km again, stop the car, and the above happens again.

This engine is the updated (end of 2018) 1.5 EcoBoost 165 HP petrol engine, the radiator has two fans. Earlier (2015- end of 2018) this 1.5 EcoBoost engine it was 160 HP. The liquids and the active grilles front of the radiator is ok. The total mileage is approx 3900 km.

I can see the exact coolant temperature values in the service menu in the dasboard. Service menu: without ignition while press the left OK button in the steering wheel, push start button (without clutch), wait 2-3 sec and press quickly the left OK button.

Thanks a lot!

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Nekem is tavaly augusztusi benzines S-Max Ecoboost motorral szerelt Fordom van. Ősztől, amikor már nem kellett klíma, folyton, és kivétel nélkül bekapcsol a hűtő ventilátor. Engem az aggaszt, hogy tavaly nyáron még hallottam a turbó hűtő morgását, de ezt a hűtő ventilátor elnyomja. Remélem azért működik a turbó hűtés is. Már majdnem vettem egy hibakód olvasót, de garanciális az autó. Nekem is azt mondták márkaszervízben, hogy ez normális. Örülök, hogy van sorstáts 🙂 Mire jutottál végül? Összefügg a klíma működéssel? 


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