Fiesta 1.25 2008MY doesn't always start

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maybe someone can help me with my case?

I tried to find a similar problem on this forum but have not quite found the same symptoms.

Problem: Car does not always start

Situation: It has been doing this for the last 6 months but has gone worse and it doesn't matter in what weather or temperature I try it - in fact I strongly believe it's to do with the key/barrel or even the ignition switch/transponder detector.

Description of Fault: My main key (the one with the fob) has stopped working - it stopped turning inside the barrel. I started using the spare key. this was about 2 years ago. Yes, I had the two keys always with me on the same ring since then. about 6 months ago I started noticing that when trying to start the engine I only heard a click that sounded as coming from the engine department but insisting a few times it would eventually start.

The few times became many times, until I noticed that pushing the key in whilst turning it would help to start at first attempt. Please note that by pushing the key in I mean there is a sprung action within the barrel. The key is fully inserted, but if pushed further in it feels like the inner core of that part goes in a further couple of mill, letting the key go it comes back out those two mill.

I hope the description helps someone to give me a hint of what I should replace.

I have seen videos where the ignition switch is replaced, but I don't clearly see what the initial problem is so cannot say it is the same as mine.

when searching for that part I also get offered the barrel. I don't want to spend more money than really required so if the symptoms are clear to someone who can point me to the right part I would be much obliged.

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