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Ford sync 2 stuck on update

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I'm from Los Angeles in the US and recently purchased a Ford Fusion. I downloaded the software update from the Ford website and saved it to a USB drive per instructions from the Ford site. I then went to install the new software in my Ford sync 2, which seemed to be going well, rebooted twice, and then it got stuck on

"Installing File..." SyncMyRide\EA5T-14F497-AE.zip (see below picture for similarity)

I was reading that it can usually take 30 or even more to pass this step, but still nothing after more than 2 hours!! What could be wrong? Could the file be corrupt or though it was from the Ford website?



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I figured it out you have to have a usb flash drive 2.0 not 3.0 and format it to fat32 not exfat. Once you do that delete the old files on the flash drive and transfer the update you had saved on your computer to the flash drive. If you don’t have it saved on your computer you can redownload it from the ford website. Then put the flash drive in and it should work. It was stuck at installing 4/10 for me for the longest until I did this.

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what I did was format the thumb drive, then moved the download to the thumb drive, then extracted the files from the download I moved to the thumb drive which created a new folder with the 3 folders that were extracted. IMPORTANT part- you need to highlight all 3 folders right-click, hold and move the extracted files back to the root directory of thumb drive. (Basically when you put your thumb drive in your computer and it opens to the 1st files saved on it, that's where you need to move the extracted ones to) hope that helps 

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