How much Turbo shaft Movement is too much?

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While back I have had a very bad whistling noise was coming from car during acceleration, after changing couple of intake hoses and inter cooler, the noise has been minimised to Turbo Charger's regular noise,(but sometimes a small amount of scratching noise that feels like turbo shaft is touching housing)

During this maintenance work, I have cleaned all hoses also Turbo Charger with some chemical treatment stuff,

However after watching some videos on internet, I have checked shaft movement and I added a short video on here, can anyone tell me if this much movement is normal? if it is not normal then how bad is it? will it last for some time or it needs immediate attention? 

I have got intention to take a long journey involves couple of thousand miles within this summer,

Any opinion will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in Advance and Regards

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Some movement is expected when there's no oil pressure but that does look excessive to me.  Looks like it's even left scuff marks on the housing?

There's no telling how long it'll last unfortunately.  Might snap the shaft or blow a seal today, might be fine for another 6 months...

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